Uw taal:

Explanation of Joets

Joets comes from the Hebrew word Yo’ets. An English synonym for Yo’ets is consultant.

Talents are given to be used

Joets is using her talents, which are given by God, for anybody who needs support, or advise. This is based on the biblical principle that everybody is given at least one or more talents, in order to develop the given talent(s) into multiple talents. Only when the given talent is used, it is possible to develop the talent and bear fruit.

Which of the Joets talents are at your disposal?

The available Joets talents concern business enterprises, organizing business processes or reorganizing business processes, in order to make it possible that your business enterprises is managed more efficient and that you are able to apply your skills and means in the best possible way. If necessary, future prospects and – developments are taken into consideration as well.

Because you enlist Joets for advise and support, in order to develop or reorganize your company, Joets is bearing fruit, since knowledge is transmitted from one source to another source whereof your company will benefit from. As a result your company will bring forth a lot of multiple fruit, after implementation of the defined projects and targets and reorganizing your company.

Personal development

Each year Joets reserves a portion of the profit as gift for those who are in great need; for those who live below the basic living costs; where there is not margin anymore to foresee in the minimum needs and / or personal development.


Because a lot of human instances exist and a lot of support is given by Christian institutes to various countries and religious movements, Joets decided to support financial means for basic needs and personal development also to Israel, not only from human perspective but also from biblical point of view.